How to choose the best Antivirus protection in 2017?

How to choose the best Antivirus protection in 2017?

Cybersecurity has become a pressing issue all over the world. Malware attacks and Ransomeware are widespread in both developing and developed countries – and thousands of people fall prey to it every year. Thanks to cloud computing and high tech innovation in smart and remotely operated devices, people stay connected with almost everything all at once. They can shop; book a table at a restaurant and order a cab using just their smartphone. They can pay their bills online, etc. The point is the world has become a hub of connectivity, which is what also makes it highly vulnerable to massive cyber attacks.

LIFENET Technologies was formed with the sole mission to helping people get a powerful grip of their cybersecurity. We designed and developed state of the art security software, guaranteed to offer you overall PC protection regardless of what you search for online and the websites you access. For us it is also a bit personal – after all, a majority of our workforce comprises of military veterans who bravely and selflessly protected American lives – serving overseas with sheer determination and commitment! The best part is they are still protecting American lives, but not the way you think. They are experts at designing and implementing cutting-edge anti-malware and anti-virus software to help keep your PCs, laptops and smart devices safe from cyber attacks. Thus the name LIFENET– Life+Network.


We are committed to providing our customers with budget-friendly cyber protection programs, customized to fight modern and consistently changing malware software. LIFENET Technologies has successfully been able to combat more than 783 viruses and we have installed more than 400 security applications in homes across the US.

We don’t just focus on providing streamlined online security. We are all about offering a comfortable and an on-time customer support unit as well. Our staff has diligently trained to respond to your problems and to solve your problems as quick as possible. We have never compromised on quality or efficiency and provide our customer with transparent services.

We believe in staying in touch with our loyal customer and to always engage in effective communication – which precisely why we are not even amongst a handful of companies that offer a 24/7 customer support unit. You can get in touch with us via phone, leave us an email or get contact with a representative on our live chat portal!

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