Hacking methodology

The Hackers ProcessHackers

Step 1 gain access: Password cracking, social engineering. Types of password attacks include: Non-electronic attacks, active online attacks, passive online attacks, and offline attacks. 

  • Shoulder surfing
  • Social engineering
  • Dumpster diving
  • Dictionary/brute force attack
  • Hash injection and phishing
  • Trojan/spyware/keyloggers
  • Password guessing/Default password
  • Wire sniffing
  • Man-in-the-middle attack
  • Replay attack
  • Pre-computed hashes
  • Distributed network

Step 2 escalate the privilege to Admin IE exploit known system vulnerabilities of the OS.

Step 3 execute applications to create and maintain remote access using Trojans, Spyware, Backdoors, Keyloggers.

Step 4 hide malicious files and data theft by using Rootkits or Steganography.

Step 5 cover your tracks: Clear system logs.

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