How to use Python to create a MAC Address changer

In this tutorial we will build a mac address changer using Pycharm. The result will be a working product where you no longer have to go through the commands to bring your interface down, change the address, and bring it back up. It will display the current mac address, the changing mac address, and display if it was changed successfully or not. Saving you time in commands!

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#!/usr/bin/env python

import subprocess
import optparse
import re

def get_arguments():
    parser = optparse.OptionParser()
    parser.add_option("-i", "--interface", dest="interface", help="Interface to change MAC address")
    parser.add_option("-m", "--mac", dest="new_mac", help="New MAC address")
    (options, arguments) = parser.parse_args()
    if not options.interface:
        parser.error("[-] need interface DUHHH")
    elif not options.new_mac:
        parser.error("[-] need mac address DUHHH")
    return options

def change_mac(interface, new_mac):
    print("[+] Changing MAC address for " + interface + " to " + new_mac)
    subprocess.call(["ifconfig", interface, "down"])
    subprocess.call(["ifconfig", interface, "hw", "ether", new_mac])
    subprocess.call(["ifconfig", interface, "up"])

def get_current_mac(interface):
    ifconfig_result = subprocess.check_output(["ifconfig", interface])
    mac_address_search_result = re.search(r"\w\w:\w\w:\w\w:\w\w:\w\w:\w\w", ifconfig_result)

    if mac_address_search_result:
        return mac_address_search_result.group(0)
        print("[-] No MAC address found")

options = get_arguments()

current_mac = get_current_mac(options.interface)
print("current MAC = " + str(current_mac))

change_mac(options.interface, options.new_mac)

current_mac = get_current_mac(options.interface)
if current_mac == options.new_mac:
    print("[+] MAC address successfully changed to " + current_mac)
    print("[-] MAC address did not change")

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