Does your Wi-Fi encryption stand the test? Find out if you can beat our scan… **by default web browsers and Windows will block 3rd part downloads. Feel free to scan it with your Antivirus if your feeling leery… Instructions: Once downloaded you are agreeing to having your Wi-Fi interface scanned by LIFENET Technologies. Email us here after the…

Hackers Methodolgy

Hacking methodology

The Hackers Process Step 1 gain access: Password cracking, social engineering. Types of password attacks include: Non-electronic attacks, active online attacks, passive online attacks, and offline attacks.  Shoulder surfing Social engineering Dumpster diving Dictionary/brute force attack Hash injection and phishing Trojan/spyware/keyloggers Password guessing/Default password Wire sniffing Man-in-the-middle attack Replay attack Pre-computed hashes Distributed network Step…

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Online shopping can cost you more money

Online shopping can cost you more money depending on where you live and what device your using. If you think your getting an unbiased and fair price online…think again. Computer Science Researchers from Boston’s NE University proved that websites track online shopping habits and charge customers different prices depending on what type of device they use (IE Apple…


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