ESET Antivirus License For Windows


*per year

Get the safety and protection you need 24/7 with LIFENET and ESET Security! Never again worry about Antivirus updates, expirations, blackouts, and outdated security products!

  • Heuristics/Behavioral Analysis – Analyzes behavior of threats to enable proactive detection.
  • Device Control – Ability to allow or disallow any device to be plugged in (USB, Printers, Phones, CDs, etc.).
  • Potentially unwanted application detection/removal – IE Coupon Printers/Toolbars PUSA.
  • Email Client Protection – Scans email at computer level; great for users who migrated to cloud hosted email and are unable to install on Exchange Server.
  • Web Access Protection – Proactively scans all web traffic in real time.
  • ESET Live Grid – ESET’s Cloud component allows for faster detection.
  • Software Firewall – Prevents unauthorized access to your computer and prevents your computer from being utilized for spam and network attacks (Botnet Protection).
  • and more…

Visit our  Multilayered security approach. The more multi-layered your security, the fewer incidents you’ll need to resolve.



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