Remote PC Support


Having problems with your PC? We offer remote support and repair for over 1,000’s of different problems.

  • Cleaning junk files
  • Fixing Registry errors
  • Removing unwanted and potentially harmful programs
  • Speed up your frames per second for best picture quality
  • Improve frame rate and reduce buffering times
  • Maximize download and upload speeds
  • Speed up your PC startup time
  • Free up RAM space to give your PC the extra boost it needs
  • Increase CPU power to jump start your crucial tasks
  • Realign and defrag your hard drive files for fast data access

Download the free AeroAdmin-Remote Desktop Software below and contact us to see how we can help!


AeroAdmin requires no installation, registration or configuration. Small in size (~2 Mb) and can be started up in less than a minute.

Perfect for times when you need to connect to a remote PC as soon as possible for either a full on remote control session or a simple file transfer.

Key Features:

  • Works without registration, installation or configuration
  • Connects to computers behind NAT
  • Branding + access rights preconfiguration
  • Built-in SOS system for helpdesk
  • Small in size, portable
  • Secure File Transfer
  • Unattended access
  • Remote user logoff, reboot (including in safe mode)
  • Total AES + RSA encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions


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